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Center for New Technologies (CeNT)


The project of the Center for New Technologies of the University of Warsaw encompasses the construction of two buildings for didactic purposes. The CeNT I building contains lecture halls and laboratories used by BA, MA and PHD students of biology, chemistry, biotechnology, informatics and environment protection. The CeNT II Building is used by the Department of Physics.

The academic activity in the Center for New Technologies is focused on new technologies (biotechnology, biomedical and information technologies, etc.) and new materials.

The project has been a reply to the need of providing students, PHD candidates and your scholars with advanced, well-equipped academic infrastructure, which fosters the process of education, making it more effective and informed by the highest standards, so that both students and researchers of the Center gain knowledge and practical skills, which are indispensable in the labor market, in the society and in the economic system based on innovation.

In terms of its nationwide effects, the project aims to educate and train an appropriate number of specialists in the field of new technologies, thereby making Polish economy more innovative and competitive.




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